Finally Friday: Green River Vibe

Finally Friday: Green River Vibe

Fri, Mar 08

6:00 pm

North Moe's - Denver


This event is all ages

Green River Vibe
Green River Vibe
Green River Vibe assembled through the collaboration between Ted Kleist
and Alex Mackenzie-Low. Ted Kleist took his so-cal roots from San Diego,
California, and fused them with the spontaneous and passionate
lyrical/musical compositions of vocalist/guitarist, Alex Mackenzie-Low.
The duo immediately found power in their collaborative songwriting skills,
constantly feeding off of their education in music business, production,
and performance at the University of Colorado Denver. They proceeded in a
series of drum and bass searching, aiming to find the perfect
accompaniment for the band, ultimately finding Mic Wolfer and Chris Cook.
Mic synergized his reggae-rock drum feels, while the minnesotan raised
bassist, Chris, lended his Minnesotan smooth yet defined baselines. The
group instantly found themselves making great music, and continued
expanding this sound with their constant desire to "cut the edge" by
throwing in elements of hip hop, electronica, ballad, and dub. It was at
this point that G.R.V. (Green River Vibe) began playing around at local
venues, consistently engaging in new opportunities, and spreading the vibe
to a whole new breed of listeners.
Venue Information:
North Moe's - Denver
530 Broadway
Denver, CO, 80203